Jaclyn and Dan

I loved Jaclyn’s bouquet. It had a single hydrangea bloom in it, it was all I could get and it was supposed to be a more purple colour but they weren’t quite in season. Mixing with purples and some creams it was such a funky bouquet which looked different from different angles. Her bridesmaids carried cream roses which made her bouquet stand out even more. It was a pleasure making these flowers, that single Hydrangea really made my brain work as I’m normally such a symmetrical floral designer, but loved how it turned out!


Bride – Purple Anemones, Lisinthis and Misty, lilac and cream Roses and green Hydrangea with Ruscus foliage. Cream satin handle with a flower charm from Bouquet Bling

Bridesmaids – Cream Roses

Groom & Groomsmen – Silk buttonholes made from something pretty and purple.


Jaclyn & Daniel-78Jaclyn & Daniel-77Jaclyn & Daniel-100Jaclyn & Daniel-88Jaclyn & Daniel-76Jaclyn & Daniel-523Jaclyn & Daniel-514Jaclyn & Daniel-383Jaclyn & Daniel-4221-2Jaclyn & DanielJaclyn & Daniel-377Jaclyn & Daniel-79


Photographer – Lucinda May Photography
Flowers – Bella In Bloom