Bella In Bloom

Weddings, Flowers and Beautiful Things

I love flowers! The colours, the texture, the smell! AH-MAZING! And weddings, the love, it’s in the air and it is contagious. I love surrounding myself in so much amazing energy. 

For the last 15 years I have been involved A LOT of weddings and events, specialising in wedding floristry, event hire, flower crown workshops and all sorts of pretty floral fun. 

But Covid kinda broke me. Weddings were banned, BANNED! And whilst I pivoted left right and centre, my business did not come out the other side looking even a little bit the same.

These days I’m taking on a smaller, selective number of weddings. My natural style is full of texture and mixed blooms, putting my trust in the favourite supplier to give me beautiful flowers to suit your colour or theme. I love backyard weddings, or smaller venues that the bigger florists don’t want to work out. 

Based in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, I prefer to stay on this side of the city, it keeps delivery fees low and helps me make an appearance at my children’s sports.


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