Weekday Weddings

I’m noticing an increase in weekday weddings and while a lot of it may come down to cost I think there are other influencing factors that are making this happen.


A lot of venues offer great rates during the week. Lovely intimate lunch receptions can be wonderful, especially if you have a smaller guest list. Friday and Sunday weddings used to be good options to save money but with the booming wedding industry these are becoming more popular and less discounted.

If you have a large family and friends list but just simply can not afford to accommodate the whole list, having a mid-week wedding can be a quick method of culling that list as there will be people who wont be able to get out of work commitments or who may not see it as important enough event to take leave. Which is great for you as you won’t have to “not invite” them!

There are only 52 Saturdays in a year. And 52 Sundays. There are thousands and thousands of weddings every year! Most brides plan their wedding 12-18 months before. But there are more and more brides who can’t be bothered waiting that long. They want it done in 6 months or sometimes even much less. And good wedding suppliers tend to book out very quickly so a weekday wedding can be an easy solution to getting the suppliers you want and not having to book so far in advance. Of course they might still not be available but there is a greater chance that a wedding specialist supplier has a free day on a Wednesday then a Saturday.

Not everyone works a 9-5 Monday to Friday job anymore. There are a lot of shift workers who have to work every weekend and get used to having their “weekend” on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. People with family businesses who can afford to shut shop for the weekend to celebrate their nuptials.

A Special Date
Want to get married on the anniversary of your first date? Chances are that if you’re getting married within a few years of meeting, that day will most lilkely not be on a weekend. New years Eve and Day, Valentines Day, 29th of February on a leap year, special dates such as 12/12/12 also wont always be on a weekend.

Registry Weddings
If you’re wanting to save HUGE cash on your wedding, you might choose to get married at the registry office in the city. This is only open during business hour, Monday to Friday so it makes sense to have a celebration on the same day.

Being Different
The wedding industry is a huge industry . But it’s not just the white fluffy weddings that are huge. There is a big following in “offbeat” weddings. Coloured wedding dresses, lolly pop bouquets, pets, surprise weddings and theme weddings. And a mid week wedding is also different!

Destination weddings
A great excuse to take time off work! A holiday and a wedding all in one go. If you’re attending a wedding interstate or overseas you can extend your stay and have a vacation. And most people have to take time off of work forย  destination wedding anyway so it’s not really any more hassle to take a Tuesday off instead of a Friday is it?


CONS of weekday weddings
With pros of a weekday wedding there is of course cons. Although you may work weekends and have midweek days off not everyone in your guest list will work the same days or hours. Giving LOTS of notice so that your guests can arrange a day off work will help with this problem. Send Save the Date cards as soon as you book the date.

People with kids might not be able to get friends or family to babysit due to their work days so they might also need to arrange childcare. Those who need to get kids to school the next day might not want a late weeknight. Or perhaps arrange a child minding service with some of that cash you’ll save by having a midweek wedding.

Do you have big drinkers in your family who would want to sleep off the big day? Book your midweek wedding the day before a public holiday, there isn’t many but the day before Anzac Day might be midweek, also the days before Easter Friday, Australia Day and Christmas Day. Although these do have other problems associated with them with families choosing to go away to take advantage of public holidays.


At the end of the day a wedding is about the Bride and Groom. People are busy these days with children, work and other commitments. There’s every chance some of your guests wont be able to attend your wedding, even a Saturday wedding. So if you’d rather the perfect wedding with less guests, then do it. Or if you want all your guests to come and are willing to sacrifice certain elements of your wedding day, do that. Either way, the day is about you so do what you want!


The amazing Ceara who chose a mid week wedding on a special date of 12-12-12

The amazing Ceara who chose a mid-week wedding on a special date of 12-12-12, you can’t forget your anniversary with that date!