A sea of support

When I see the photos of all the flowers it makes me tear up. Only 2 lives lost, tiny compared to what other countries have lost due to this stuff (for want of a better word, terrorists? Extremists? War? All of them) And all of those flowers, the majority of them from strangers. And the space left for the Lindt heart. It’s a picture that makes my heart skip a beat.

I’m reading the comments about how much of a rip off flowers are and people complaining that the money would have been better spent for homeless support, charities and making Sydney a better place. Florists would be retiring… What about the mess… Look at all that plastic…. It goes on.

Flowers are a luxury, they arn’t needed. As an event florist I’m even more aware of that. But they are pretty, they make people smile. And we could really do with some smiles, something that enables us to keep going. This huge display is really visual, it keeps adding up and showing everyone around the world that us Aussies pull together when needed.