I’ve been involved in many photoshoots. As a florist! But this one was a little different. Organised through the amazing Mary at Amuse Creative, this was a day to network, learn a bit about our business footprint and have some photos of ourselves to use for business ventures.


Wanting something neat and professional, I went shopping for outfits earlier in the week. But on the day my little boy wasn’t well and everything went crazy so grabbed my outfits plus some scarfs and necklaces from my floor and chucked them in a bag and ran out.ย  The dress I wore was something from my floor! The stylist Miz Maz was so helpful choosing the right thing to wear for the type of look I wanted, especially seeing as I had no idea what I wanted before I got my photos.


I arrived late! Yep that’s a mum thing. But was quickly settled with some fruit and snacks while waiting for my turn at hair and makeup. Anthony Adams Makeup Studio did my makeup, he did such a lovely job. And my hair was styled by Trimmers which suited my Misty halo perfectly. I make so many halos every week for my clients, it was fun to wear one myself!


Some of my favourite blooms (that I buy every week just because they are pretty) were mixed with some wedding leftovers to make a lovely bouquet. And while the person before me was getting their shots done I had a bit of a play with attaching flowers to the wall, which was challenging! Mary gave me a hand and then we were ready to go. I was freaking out a little bit, I have pretty terrible self esteem when it comes to my appearance, but a little champagne and lots of cheese and I was ready to go!


I’m not normally such a share happy person when it comes to photos of myself but these photos are awesome and no point getting them done if I don’t share them right! Many thanks tot he amazing Amy Agnew Photography for working her magic. And the last one… yep… that’s me. “Do something silly” and that’s what I did! But you know I’m a little nuts already right?