Vintage Styling

I love vintage weddings, lace, pearls and all things old. Often confused with Rustic, vintage is more about old-time classic. Think crystal vases, lace and doilies, strings of pearls, old bird cages, large brooches, soft pastel colours and hues of cream, pink and brown.

Read below for some ideas on adding a bit more vintage to your wedding day.


  • Lucinda May-142Lucinda May-104Vintage dresses can’t be anymore vintage! Check out The Vintage Bride Boutique for a truly vintage dress, but they also have vintage inspired dresses if you want something new.
  • Consider a lace headpiece or pearl bands.
  • Your hair and makeup can really change the tone of your whole outfit so think about how vintage you want to go. The classic 1920s fingerwaves with a strong thinner brow, the 1930s soft waves, with bolder lip, the 1940s with structured ultra-feminine hairstyles, right though to the 1950s with dramatic structured hairstyling, strong brows and bold lips. Check out Gemma Vandetta for someone who specialises in vintage hair and makeup.
  • Consider grey or blue suits. Or ditch the suits all together and pair a waistcoat with nice pants.
  • Birdcage veils which sit over part of your face add a lovely vintage feel instead of a veil.
  • Vintage is generally a “classic” look. Timeless, elegant and graceful, that is why we keep looking to these eras for inspiration and they continue to be a source of inspiration for brides to be.


  • Lucinda May-131Consider having Chiavari Chairs with lace sashes instead of covered chairs. Or if your venue has nice chairs, leave them uncovered!
  • A scatter of crochet doilies in the middle of your table with small crystal vases of different shapes and sizes filled with cut flowers to match your bridal flowers.
  • Old teapots filled with flowers in the centre of the table. Some individual tea cups and saucers with a single flower bloom around the teapot.
  • Old metal photo frames with cross stitched numbers in them for your table numbers.
  • Suitcases, stacked up to hold flower arrangements or open for cards or messages.


  • Lucinda May-153Consider a vintage handbag, from your Mum or Grandmother, filled with flowers for you to walk down the aisle with.
  • A halo of Gypsophilia and baby spray Roses for your flower girl.
  • Soft natural tones such as creams and browns or soft pinks and peach works well with vintage. And so does bright poppy colours like rich pink, red and purple.
  • Greenery! It doesn’t always have to be about the flowers. Greenery makes it look a lot more natural, like it was picked from the garden, and also helps to make the shape more relaxed.
  • Consider more vintage inspired flowers such as Roses (especially the bigger more open blooms by allowing them to open more before using, or David Austins Roses work well for this bigger fluffy look), Carnations, Hydrangea, Baby’s Breath, Daisy’s, Misty, Astible and other soft fillers