Photographers as friends and family

I get so many compliments on my website. I do it all myself, using the WordPress script. I could code it myself from scratch, I have the skills, but I’m way too lazy and WordPress is so easy! But my website would be pretty boring just on its own without all the pretty photos of my work. So I thought I’d write a tribute to three very awesome photographers who help pad my page out with awesomeness!

All of these lovely ladies take amazing photos of my flowers (and everything else of course!) which helps me to showcase my work in the best possible way. You would be lucky to have either of these girls photograph your special day.

In alphabetical order because any other way I’d feel conflicted…

Blush and Mint Photography

Rene is an awesome chick! She also has a shop (The Vintage Bride Boutique) and works 20 jobs and still manages to fit taking photos for me into her life. We do lots of shoots, most of them organised very last minute because I made something awesome or we find some inspiration. I crash her social life whenever I can which is fun! We also have a lot of chats, normally at crazy o’clock about all the cool things we want to do to get photos of and business plans we hope will pan out. She hasn’t been a photographer for long but is freaking awesome at it and I’m looking forward to see what she does in the very near future.

Website: www.blushandmintphotography.com
Contact Number: 0402 710 055
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blushandmintphotography
Instagram: https://instagram.com/blush_and_mint/


Fiona Thurlings Photographer

Fiona was one of the first photographers I became friends with. She was friends with some other wedding business I was starting to get to know and we did a few shoots together. Since then we’ve had a lot more to do with each other’s businesses and have also spent many late nights talking random stuff! I’ve been lucky enough to do flowers for her bridal fair stalls, a few more shoots with other amazing vendors and have her photograph my first two Crown parties! If she can fit me in around her already huge workload, she’s always there with a smile.

Website: www.fionathurlings.com.au
Contact Number: 0439 819 069
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fiona-Thurlings-Photographer-113486724131/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/fionathurlingsphotographer/


Lucinda May Photography

Lucinda May-152I was there from the beginning of Lucy’s photography career. We’re related, I’m married to her big brother, so it was kinda easy to be there but I’ve been lucky to be part of it. Her first few weddings were some of my friends who still to this day love their photos just as much as the day they got them. Since then we’ve done lots of shoots, sooooo many shoots and I’ve watched her style and talent change in leaps and bounds! And I’m lucky enough to share a lot of the same weddings, which means I can be totally slack and not take any of my photos of my own! She’s even travelling to Hawaii next year to shoot a wedding, pretty sad they don’t need a traveling florist but hey I can dream one day!

Website: www.lucindamayphotography.com.au
Contact Number: 0403 614 377
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucindamayphotography
Instagram: https://instagram.com/lucindamayphotography/