Emma and Ben

Every now and then you get a bride who lets you do your thing, Emma was that bride! She gave me some colours and some ideas but then left it up to me to go crazy and creative. I loved her flowers, so much texture and weird stuff that I don’t get to use much. There was a moment, a fleeting one, when I almost considered keeping them hahaha! Beautiful flowers for a beautiful bride 🙂


Bride and Bridesmaids – a messy mix of foliage and blooms such as Roses, Amaranth, Veronica, Lisanthis, Scabiosa, Pods, Maple, Gum and some stuff even I dont know the name of!

Ceremony – A draping piece on the Brides mantle. Snaps, Dasies, Roses, Scabiosa, Privet and Asparagus foliage. Mixed blooms on the swing.



Photographer – With Love and Lace

Ceremony Venue – Stevens Estate Gardens