Bouquet Styles

Perfect Posy

A round tightly tied collection of blooms with minimal visible foliage, or foliage which is kept in line with the flowers. These bouquets are normally more expensive because of the large number of blooms required. And all rose bouquet would fall into this category, as well as mixed blooms tied in a dome shape.

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Textually Round

Still keeping a bit of structure to your blooms these bouquets need foliage and different shapes and textures to give it that slightly wild look while still keeping to a round-ish shape. These bouquets can vary in cost a lot depending on how much foliage and which blooms you would like. Being less specific with flower types can make this more affordable.

Lucinda May-193by Nicole Cordeiro Photography

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Unstructured & Wild

Usually on the bigger side these bouquets mix a lot of foliage, with wild fillers and mixed blooms. The shape isn’t always round, oval seems to be best shape for ease of holding. Commonly called unstructured, wild, imperfect, messy. The size and flower types make a huge impact to the price of these bouquets.

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