Colour meanings

Colour plays an important part in any wedding. Some people choose their favourite shade, or the colour of their birthstone. Sometimes it’s based around their favourite flowers or even that awesome bridesmaid dress that comes in only one colour. Whatever the meaning for you, it’s important that you like the colour because you’re going to see a lot of it over the course of planning your wedding.

Cool Colours

  • Blue – The sea and the sky are blue, symbolising calm and continuity. Tradition and loyalty are also associated with blue tones. It is the colour of the 1st place ribbon and is often used in uniform of trusted professions. There are lots of different blues, navy, sky, turquoise, aqua, baby. *Flowers – Delphiniums Cornflower, Hyacinth, Sea Holly.
  • Green – Green often symbolises nature, balance, health, and the environment. Did you ever notice that lots of greens are named after plants; olive, sage, lime and grass. Make sure you don’t mix it with Red unless you want people to think of Christmas! *Flowers – Carnation, Rose, Amaranthus, leafy foliage, Anthurium.
  • Purple – Often used in performances, purple inspires mystery and magic. It also encourages feelings of sophistication, elegance and peace of mind. *Flowers – Lisianthis, Rose, Freesias, Misty, Carnation, Delphinium, Statice.
  • Silver – Unlike Gold it is considered to represent restrained wealth. “I can afford it but I’d prefer not to show it off.” It is becoming more popular in coming years with ring choices including white gold as well as the traditional yellow. *Flowers – Dusty Miller foliage, blue gum. *Other – bling.

Warm Colours

  • Red – Often used as a color of love and passion. It means happiness and good fortune in China. Blood is red which gives it a strong symbolism with vitality and the essence of life. * Flowers – Rose, Carnation, Gerbera, Tulip, Asiatic Lily, Hypericum Berry, Proteas, Celosia, Leaukadendron, Amaranthus, Anthurium.
  • Orange – Means vitality and endurance and people who like orange are said to be thoughtful and sincere. Subtle oranges are supposed to stimulate the appetite and reduce tension, however brighter oranges are said to promote energy & anxiety. It is also the color associated with Lady Luck! *Flowers – Rose, Calla Lily, Tulip, Gerbera, Marigold, Alstromeria, Pincushion
  • Yellow – Gives a sense of clarity, awareness and wisdom. Often associated with the sun which is considered fun and cheerful. Also the favourite colour of my son Lukas! *Flowers – Rose, Tulip, Carnation, Freesia, Gerbera, Sunflower, Pincushion, Disbud, Daisy, Alstromeria.
  • Gold – Symbolising wealth and prosperity, it is associated with currency and is considered to be of value everywhere you go. *Other – gold painted Ivy leaves (a little bit Roman), bling, ribbon.

 Pastel Colours

  • Pink – Meaning universal love it has always been a popular choice for weddings. Deeper shades of pink are said to neutralize disorder, aggression and violence. *Flowers – Rose, Peony, Carnation, Tulip, Dahlia,
  • Peach – A colour that sits in between pink and orange and symbolises modesty and charm. *Flowers – Roses, Davis Austin Rose, Carnation, Hypericum Berry, Gerbera, Alstromeria.

Neutral Colours

  • Black – Associated with elegance, power and formality but also death. Officially black is not a colour but actually the absence of any colour. It never goes out of style and goes with every other colour. *Flowers – Rose (its actually a red rose, but so dark it looks black), Calla Lily (actually a dark purple)
  • White – The color of purity and innocence, also associated with kindness, wholeness & completion. *Flowers – Rose, Carnation, Lisianthis, Tulip, Freesia, Disbud, Daisy, Gerbera, Delphiniums, Orchid, Dahlia, Peony
  • Beige – Often considered a conservative, neutral and calm background color, it is a bit of a chameleon, taking on some of the attributes of the stronger colours it accompanies.
  • Brown – A color which can look good with many surroundings, being a mixture of red, blue and yellow.  Certain shades of brown can create a sense of warmth, comfort, wholesomeness, naturalness & dependability. Flowers – Magnolia leaves (the underside), dried natives.
  • Grey – Responsible, conservative and practical are all used to describe grey. This colour looks great matched up with bright vibrant colours. Similar to silver.  *Flowers – Dusty Miller foliage, blue gum.