A beautiful way to preserve your wedding florals is to have them set in resin. It’s a slow process but it’s totally worth it to have a long lasting memory of your special day. Not just for weddings, we can preserve florals from your formal, baby shower, memorial event or even just something from your garden.


After your event, keep your flowers in water until you can get them to me. I will air dry them out (not all flowers suit this method so get in touch) and when they are ready to cast I can begin making your lovely pieces.

How does it work?


Your flowers will be air dried slowly removing all the moisture from the botanicals. the resin gets pouring in layers, locking all the florals in place. Resin casting gets done slowly in multiple layers so that the dried botanicals don’t just float to the top, making a very boring product.


How long does it take?


It generally takes 4-5 weeks to air dry the flowers. If you provide already dried florals this step might not be necessary. The resin casting process can take 4-6 weeks depending on the size of the pieces and how many you want of each item. You will be kept updated on the process as it unfolds 🙂


You can book your items in before your wedding, It won’t always bee 100% possible to know that all the pieces can be made until we get your flowers and see how much usable content we have but it will preserve your spot in the schedule.

How much does it cost?


Initial Keyring – $18

Ring Cone – $35

Mini Trinket Bowl – $18

Trinket Tray – $22

Earrings Set – $22

Pendant – $15

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