Bella In Bloom

What do a wedding florist and photographer do during quiet season? They make something pretty!

As a kid I loved Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, still to this day when I want the gumnuts for a wedding I order “Cuddlepie” gumnuts and my wholesaler just knows that I mean. When I saw the live show was going to be showing at the Sydney Opera House, I was motivated to do something inspired by the gumnut babies.

Gumnuts had to be a feature of course and I really wanted to add some blooms to give it a pretty feel for two little girls. Big bouffy tutus were paired with plain white t-shirts and beautiful floral crowns. It was a cold morning and it was threatening to rain the whole shoot but the girls did a great job freezing in their gorgeous outfits to get the right look.

One of these beautiful girls is my daughter Bellana and the other is my niece Maddie. Being cousins and friends made it easy for them to have some fun together.

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