School Holidays – Wednesday 16th December


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Wednesday 16th December 10 – 12.30am and 1 – 3.30pm

3 Nylex Ave Salisbury South


We’re doing things different this year! I will have 4 stations setup and the kids get to choose which activity they want to do. 2 sessions for the Wednesday, if you want to do 2 things, then book into both sessions. We will have some snacks and drinks for the break.


Dream Catcher

Come make a floral dream catcher to decorate your wall. We will be doing the kiddy version, which is a simplified method that doesn’t require knotting for the centre section.  There is  lots of different styling options including lace, floral fabrics, ribbons, feather, string pearls, beads, bling and other amazing textures.


Floral Headbands and Bracelets

Join us in making some beautiful floral accessories. A bracelet to practice your craft on and then we move onto headbands to match. If time allows we will also make some flower combs, hair ties and clips. We have lots of lovely faux florals to work with as well as fun ribbons and sparkly things.


Old School Christmas Decos

We’re making Old School Christmas decorations! Lots of beads and sequins 🙂 Come learn the pin and foam method of making beautiful sparkly decorations to make your tree extra special this year.


Christmas Wreath

Make something interesting for your door or table. We’ll be using lots of Christmas decorations, gum nuts and florals to make something really special and unique.


COVID MEASURES: These workshops are for children only. Parents will be required to sign their kids in, with emergency contact details, and come back at the end of the workshop to help with social distancing requirements. We will have freshly sanitised scissors and supplies for everyone to use. Our studio is quite large but we will be restricting workshops to 8 people, well within the spacing requirements. We have toilets to use, also freshly cleaned before each workshop.


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10 – 12.30, 1 – 3.30