Styling Kit – Blush Botanics



Our brand new styling kits are great for showcasing paper or card based items. Great for photographers, stationery designers and stylists.


4x Clear Blocks


These blocks are clear so they want throw any colour in your photos and are easy to hide under invites or photographs. Various sizes to suit different sized items. They also look great visible with other elements like wedding rings and jewellery.


Includes our clear blocks in various sizes:

  • 10cm x 15cm
  • 7.5cm x 10cm
  • 10cm x 10cm
  • 3cm x 3cm


3x Fabrics


These fabrics are meant to be less than perfectly imperfect, with fraying edges to add some extra depth and personality to your photos.


This kit includes three fabric ribbons in pinks and neural tones:

  • A pink embroidered cotton ribbon, 2-3cm wide by 1M long.
  • An off-white cheesecloth 2-3cm wide, 1M long
  • 15cm by 60cm white gauzy fabric.ย 


10x Dried Botanicals


A collections of dried bits and pieces to add interest to your photos.


Include in this kit:

  • A micro bunch of dried blooms in pinks and creams
  • 3 Bunnytails in mixed colours
  • An open seed pod, open like a flower!
  • 3 different gumnuts


Future Colour Launches


This launch is all about pinks, we will be selling add-on kits for different colours in the future.