Faux Florals

Fake flowers arn’t what they used to be, hence the more stylish name – FAUX! Otherwise known as silk flowers, fake flowers or artificial, faux blooms have come a long way. Resembling fresh flowers much closer thanks to new technologies, we have had some great improvememtns to the quality and range of fake blooms. But we’ve also been lucky to loose the “cheap and tacky” stigma that instantly came along with fake wedding flowers.


The benefit or having artificial wedding flowers is that they can be organised WELL in advance so there’s no stress leading up to the wedding day as you can have them ready to go months before. Also there is no seasonality affecting your favourite flowers and you can mix flowers that are only available in march with ones that only come out in spring! There is no hay fever issues, but we can always add some fragrance to your bouquet using essential oils if you’d like that fragrant experience.  Colours can be a lot more flexible as well, we don’t need to stick to the palette given to us by nature.


Still now swayed? Have a look below for some faux floral eye candy  🙂