Bella In Bloom

Hi I’m Amy! (*waves*)

I got addicted to flowers around the time I was planning my own wedding. The beauty of nature, colour, design and all things pretty had me hooked. After completing my qualifications in floristry I started the crazy journey of starting my own business.

Bella In Bloom started at my dining table, in my home at Andrews Farm. From there it moved into my garage, starting with one car space and eventually taking my husband’s side as well. Then all things floral got moved into a warehouse that I used as my studio before coming full circle and moving it back home when covid tried to bankrupt me.

I have an almost creepy relationship with my flower supplier which has developed over the many years and many many crazy weddings. She is a magic maker and finds the most amazing things to tempt me with. Having a wholesaler I can trust makes me a better florist and keeps my love and passion in flowers thriving.

When I’m not working, my kids keep me pretty busy. I’m a soccer mum, a cheer mum and a scout mum too. I’m blessed with ADHD as my super power, which keeps me running and jumping between all the crazy, but I like to think that makes me fun and quirky rather than completely bonkers   🙂