Bella In Bloom

For businesses who do a lot of weddings, the winter periods can be a bit quiet. This means catching up on bookwork, sleep, somewhat healthy eating and fitting in the yearly cold (or is that just me?).


Along with my friend Christine from Blooming Bridal we decided to use up the leftover blooms and do something fun and pretty. Normally that means making a big bouquet and organising a big shoot with other vendors and a professional photographer buy we literally decided to do this the night before so planning aside we made it up as we went and attempted to do it with our own DLR cameras – that we’re still learning to use.


It was nice to explore kids blooms a bit. Crowns are so great for weddings, parties, christenings and just because. Gone are the days where all flower girls carried baskets down the aisle. Consider using a pomander ball, hoop, or wand for your wedding! Depending on the age of your flower girl they might prefer something different, and you’ll get nicer photos and more responsive flwoergirl if shes carrying something she actually wants.


We didnt check the weather. Pfft, we’ll be right. Except that it rained. Most of the day. But we decided to push though. We had 5 kiddies with us. My Daughter Bellana, my nieces Hannah and Maddie, my God Daughter Liara and Christine’s niece Chaise. With dresses, tutus, crowns, and other floral designs we hit up a park and snapped away.


This is what we came up with 🙂


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